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#1 Posted : Sunday, June 30, 2019 12:20:38 PM(UTC)

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This thing has disturbed me for years but I have not been super into it since I do not need a hotel room in my hometown.

But this year in Malmoe its totaly different and after seeing the new website I had to raise my opinion about it.

Between the four or more major con hotels there is only ONE who offers an unstated number of single rooms for a price tag thats almost the double of a double room.

So not only has we whom does not have a partner or wants to share rooms with a bunch of strangers have to pay the full fee for a double room - We are also limited to a secondary hotel despite this con hotel being one of Swedens largest hotel with close to 450 rooms.

I can understand that you would like to fill a single on site hotel like Infra city to max but all those hotel rooms aviable in central Malmoe one might think you could offer us whom are going as singles and does not want to share a room a better deal than having to pay the double price and being tossed away to a secondary hotel.

It make me feel like a secondary class citizen in the furcon world now that you have moved away from my loved hometown. Whom in itselfs ad a lot to my con budget.

So how do we solve this? Here is my suggestions:

-Either reduce cost of single rooms to just over the double rooms cost and or open up more single rooms in all the hotel and or let us book a double room for single use.
-You can also get a travel agent aboard whom can offer us help with travel package and a offer to pay up to 40 day in advance and or let you pay in settlement. They can also help with airline or train ticket and let you pay in settlement without the increased work load on youre booking staff.

With this price system the income for the hotel are the same if you book a whole double room for youreself for double the price or occupy a share in a double room with a friend. This is how you did at the first year in Utsikten hotel. Or you can let us pay a reduced single room fee in those hotels that have dedicated single rooms like Astoria. Its surprising that they are priced at almost the double room price despite only having one bed and not even a window in some cases.

I can understand that you want to squeeze in as many con goers as possible in the main hotel but not everyone are happy to share a room nor can afford the hefty price tag that comes with a single room for the duration of the cost. I am on the fence of going to NFC this year since I do have a holiday trip in november and cant take a weekend trip in february that needs to be payd fully in the midst of saving up for that journey.

I love NFC and I have been going every year since NFC 0 and I would love to go another year - But it might turn out to be a better offer to go to Eurocon in Berlin instead. G.

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#2 Posted : Sunday, June 30, 2019 5:43:24 PM(UTC)

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I definitely understand your frustration in this. I'd like to point out that there's not only one but two of the official hotels that offer single rooms. The Astoria hotel is a bit cheaper than the Best Western and a similar distance away. Yes, the price is still higher than sharing a room I'm afraid but that's unfortunately quite unavoidable due to how these things work – the only reason rooms for multiple people are much cheaper is because the cost is split between each person staying there.

Unfortunately, I don't think there's very much NFC can do at this point as both pricing and availability is restricted to that which the hotels are willing to offer. Allocating some double rooms as singles could be an option in theory but there's also no guarantees it'll actually be cheaper, as you may then have to pay the price for 2 people instead of just yourself.

All that said, I'd also like to note that these are actually not the only hotels within close proximity to the hotel. The area is really big and central so there's far more hotels available than just those who are partnering with NFC so if you're unable to find a suitable room or price from the hotels that NFC has to offer you can of course have a look at alternative hotels yourself.

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