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#1 Posted : Friday, September 16, 2016 2:49:02 PM(UTC)
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  1. Registration opening for NordicFuzzCon 2017
  2. New hotel: Scandinc Infra City
  3. How do I pay?
  4. When do I need to pay?
  5. When do I get my badge number?
  6. Room sharing
  7. Event tickets
  8. Dinner buffets
  9. Event times

The time is nigh! Registration for NordicFuzzCon 2017 will open very soon! To help get you prepared, here is some hopefully helpful basic information.

1. Registration opening for NordicFuzzCon 2017

Registration for NordicFuzzCon 2017 opens at 18:00 CET (6 pm) on the 17th of September. If you register before November 1st, you also qualify for the early booking discount. You can see the prices here: https://www.nordicfuzzcon.org/Reg/Prices

Website accounts from earlier years can be reused and there are options for password retrieval if you need it. Old and new accounts can be voluntarily linked with a Google, Microsoft, or Facebook account. If you wish, you can check that you are able to log in to your old account prior to registration here: https://portal.nordicfuzzcon.org/

2. New hotel: Scandinc Infra City

The new home of NordicFuzzCon is the Scandic Infra City Hotel, which is conveniently located between downtown Stockholm and Arlanda airport. The spa section has a sauna, gym and a moist pool - so bring your swimwear! The hotel offers free WiFi, towels, and two pianos. Paid for parking is available in the nearby garage. A buffet breakfast is included for all residential attendees.

Read more about the hotel here: https://www.nordicfuzzcon.org/Venue/Hotel

Watch a mini-tour through the hotel here:

3. How do I pay?

All major Swedish banks have started a collaboration for simpler, faster money transfers among people and organisations with Swedish bank accounts. This collaboration is an app called Swish. The app enables money to be sent and received instantly, regardless of your bank!

We at NordicFuzzCon embrace Swish: It's fast and convenient, and we encourage all Swedish furs out there to pay for NordicFuzzCon using Swish instead of a credit card or regular bank transfer! In order to do this, you will need to activate Swish for your Swedish bank account. You can read more about Swish here: https://www.nordicfuzzcon.org/Reg/Swish

For those without Swedish bank accounts, we recommend good old bank transfers using your online bank. Perhaps old fashioned, but safe and reliable.

4. When do I need to pay?

You need to pay your for your booking no later than 14 days after having been approved. If you are paying in installments, you must have made your first installment no later than 14 days after having been approved. Your first payment must also be for 30% (or more) of the total amount due. Later installment payments must be 500 SEK or more (or the complete amount if less than 500 SEK remains unpaid). The complete amount must be paid within 75 days of having been approved.

5. When do I get my badge number?

Badge numbers are assigned when your payment has been verified by the convention (either full payment or your first installment payment). If you register quickly, you could still get a high badge number if you are slow with paying.

6. Room sharing

Once you have registered and paid the amount due (or have started paying in installments), you will be able to create room shares with other attendees. If you are not part of a room share and do not have a single room, you will be given a random room sharing partner. Likewise if a room share has not reached its full capacity (e.g. if a room share for a Family Superior 5 people room has only 3 verified room sharing partners), other randomly selected attendees sharing the same room category will occupy the remaining slots.

Note: You will need to create separate room shares for super early arrival, early arrival, late departure, and the main convention dates. If you add the full three extra nights to your booking, then that's a total of four separate room shares. This means that you can switch room types and room sharing partners for each of the four bulks, if you so wish. If you do wish to have the same room sharing partners for the duration, you will need to be together in room shares for all of the four bulks. This system is implemented because we do not have exclusive access to the hotel during the super early arrival, early arrival, and late departure days.

Room shares must be established by around mid-February. Reminders will be posted through our social media channels.

Read more about room sharing here: https://www.nordicfuzzcon.org/Reg/RoomSharing

7. Event tickets

We are offering a small pawful of paid-for premium events. Tickets to these events can be added to your registration during the registration process.

Dying Dog Dinner. A socializing dinner buffet event, offering a premium Asian buffet with some light entertainment on the side. This takes place directly before the regular Dead Dog Party event. Read more here: https://www.nordicfuzzco...g/Program/DyingDogDinner
Eat Sweden. Take a culinary journey through some typical Swedish cuisine. Read more here: https://www.nordicfuzzcon.org/Program/EatSweden
Trip to Skansen Zoo and Cultural Heritage museum. A popular tourist attraction in Stockholm. Read more here: https://www.nordicfuzzcon.org/Program/Skansen

8. Dinner buffets

There will be dinner buffets at the hotel's retaurant all days of the convention, including early and super early. Tickets to the buffet can be added to your registration when you register for 140 SEK each. There is also an all inclusive offer covering all five days of the convention costing 550 SEK (saving you 150 SEK).

See here for the menu: https://www.nordicfuzzcon.org/Venue/Dinner

9. Event times

While it is too early to publish a complete schedule, here are the times we know currently for a few of the events. Hopefully these times will make it easier to plan for those who have planes, busses, and Pokémon to catch.

Early arrival day (March 8th)
Trip to Skansen: 11:20 (hotel departure)
Socializing event 18:00 - 20:00

Opening day (March 9th)
Meet the Charity 12:00 - 13:00
Meet the GoH 13:00 - 14:00
Opening Ceremony 14:30

Final day (March 12th)
Closing Ceremony: 13:30
Dying Dog Dinner: 17:00 - 19:00

... and that is all for now! Happy registration! If you have any questions about registration which is not answered here or on our website, please contact: registration@nordicfuzzcon.org

For general inquiries, you can contact: info@nordicfuzzcon.org

Miles T.F. Baxxter
Media Department
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