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#1 Posted : Tuesday, March 5, 2019 2:02:19 PM(UTC)

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Thanks all for a wonderful NFC 2019! Now, let's get right into the good stuff:

  • Art Show:
The art show bid windows were SO small! I didn't even have time to look at the art show until it was over because I was a dealer.
My friends also encountered this problem and because of it they missed out on bidding on a couple pieces. Having to choose between looking at art show & leaving your table and missing potential sales wasn't great. Art show closing at the same time as Dealer's Den meant we didn't even have time afterwards to look at it.
If possible, I would suggest to have it open at least maybe 30 mins after DD has closed on a Thuesday so us dealers could browse :)
I understand it was open an hour before dealers on Thursday, but it's quite hard to juggle breakfast and any last minute table set up. I think regular attendees would appreciate the extra 30 minutes, too.

  • Ballroom Raves:
Where was the Saturday night rave??
Saturday is the prime party night and it was bizarre to have no raves or dances happening that night. I understand there's lots of room parties happening Saturday night, but not all of us attend those and the ballroom raves was a good party space for us non-roomparty folks to go to and just let loose. Me and a couple of my friends ended up going to bed early on SATURDAY because there was no party zone for us outside of room parties.
The Friday night rave was REALLY good and it's a shame more people don't attend it like they do the Saturday night ones. So if you *have* to only have one night of raves, maybe switch it to Saturday.

  • Snack Exchange:
Area was too small for how many people there were. Also perhaps timed too close to the fursuit parade. I had to cut my visit short so I could make it in time.
Still, a lovely an REALLY fun event as always. It's so unique and I adore chatting with people and trying their treats :)

  • Dealers Den (as a Dealer):
NFC is one of my favorite cons to be a dealer at and I have nothing bad to say about how it's run and set up. The leads in charge this year did a phenomenal job <3
I don't have any suggestions, but these are things I think MUST stay:
- Lunch hour: please don't take this away. It's so vital to have this hour of recharge to eat or just get in some work without customers around. KEEP IT! :)
- Crowd Control: Only letting in so many people at once really helped keep things well paced. People had enough time to look at my wares and buy things without feeling like they were in other people's way. Please continue to do this slow trickle feature. <3
- Table Space: Having more space to work and set up this year was SO nice and the den didn't feel cramped or anything with the addition of more table space. If possible going into next year, please consider the minimum table space being what we had this year. Anything smaller is very hard to work with ^_^;

I think that's everything that really stood out to me. If my after-con brain fog clears up then I may add more.
I know it's a list of mostly con's, but that's only because if I made a list of pro's then you'd be reading a giant book :D
2019 was a lot of fun and being a part of NFC as a dealer and attendee is always a treat. Thank you so much for hosting this event!
Onto 2020 :)
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Miles T.F. Baxxter on 3/18/2019(UTC)

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#2 Posted : Wednesday, March 6, 2019 3:57:06 AM(UTC)

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I agree on the art show times, I never got to check it out and it was closed after Friday(!). I also think the no-fursuit rule was unnecessary. I promise I'm just as clumsy around delicate one-of-a-kind artpieces whether I'm in suit or not. ;)

Regarding Dealers Den, I hope more space is allocated to it next year.
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