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#1 Posted : Tuesday, March 21, 2017 3:04:54 PM(UTC)

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My overall con experience was very good. I'm here to suggest a number of improvements to make the con even better.

NFC website - I've seen worse. Everything that needs to function does. There were minor bugs and confusing user experience at times but perfection is not reachable with limited resources and time. Basically at least your site works >:P

Convention staff and crew were always professional when approached. Although busy I'm sure I would encourage the staff to approach participants and mingle when time allows. Just ask how they are doing and what they think of the con. Especially seek out first timers who might be less scared if a member of staff has a chat with them. This will make the staff feel less distant and makes them more approachable.

Considering this is their first furry con, the hotel staff took it very well. Next time they will know what to expect. I would suggest supplying the hotel with a few copies of the guide book "Bad Furry's Guide to the Furry Fandom, an almost-accurate introduction to furry". I will send the official Finnish Sauna-association guidebook to the hotel manager. More on that later.

I had a hotel room facing the front of the hotel and the temperature was cool, almost too cold. Ventilation was non-existant and the air become poor with two fullsuiters in a normal two-fur room. I will have to bring a tool to open the window next time. There weren't many luxuries in the room. I would've liked to have at least a hotwater kettle in the room.

Like many con hotels I've visited, the public spaces always run out in a furry con. Although this hotel had exceptionally good spaces they could still be improved for the next time. I would suggest the following modifications at least for the duration of the con:
- the narrowest bottleneck with the most traffic was in the lobby between the registration desk and a pillar with a glass display with plushies inside it. This box-display could be moved to allow more space at that critical junction.
- the art wall was also placed right in the middle of this bottle-neck. Another location with less traffic might be more appropriate.
- more chairs and sofas could be brought to the lobby for the duration of the con.

Hotel breakfast was what I'd expect from a hotel of this level. I know some people managed to complain about even that but I've traveled wide enough to know that a proper hotel breakfast buffet looks like and this is a strong 4/5. One can always wish for things like more diversity. After eating the breakfast the fifth time it started to get boring. Had to start experimenting with mixing fruit in yogurt etc and putting cream on bacon.

The dinner was a disaster on the first day and was not what would one would expect to get for that price. People will not buy the dinner buffer tickets next time if the food doesn't improve greatly. Again a buffet is a buffet and people expect to get fresh lunch-restaurant-level servings - not a 'school lunch' level serving.

I hear the Dying Dog Dinner was good. Gave my ticket to a friend cause I was in bed with fever at that time.

Food choices outside the hotel were pretty good. I heard the Thai-restaurant had an incident with too many furries coming in at once and they could not keep up with the demand. I think the convention should inform and warn the nearby businesses that they will get such floods of customers. Also I hope that next time the conbook and website info will include even more detailed descriptions of the restaurants around the area - even with pictures. Personally I recommend the Thai buffer for everyone. It was very good quality for the 90kr price. Also it is pretty much the only 'healthy' option compared to burgers and pizzas. Also the supermarket had a cheap salad-bar and take-away omelet-pies which were affordable compared to takeaway-food but I don't think anyone noticed?

The Bar needs more different kinds of drinks. It was short of basic things like cranberry juice for several days and when I described drinks to the bar staff I had to point out where the bottles were on the bar shelf. So, again inform the hotel that they need to warn the bar to get well prepared. The furries are coming! They will sell more drinks that way. On the positive side the bar opened early enough, I think at 12:00 every day, which was nice ^^'

There isn't much the convention can do to get more events in. They are up to the furry community to make. I personally enjoy professional, well planned panels such as the one about furry photography. I would suggest the con seek out and encourage furries to come forward with their interests and hobbies and professions because many of them are really interesting. They don't necessarily have to do with the theme of the con or even furry - just the fact a furry has a hobby or profession will give it an furry angle. For example if I held a panel on being a firefighter, I would make it about the gear and heat and how it's very similar to fursuiting ^^'

There were no security incidents that I become aware of and I could see security, especially first-aid staff everywhere, so I felt safe and secure during the whole con.

I attended NFC this year because there were many people who I wanted to meet again after JMoF. Also by this time I had missed it on so many years but always heard just good things about it. So just had to come even though it broke my 1,5 year advance-planning con-schedule. The Japanese theme and new hotel were just icing on the cake.

Theme of the convention could not been better put. Personally I did not like the opening ceremony stage act. It wasn't very well written or thought out at all. Also many of the other convention-run events like achievements and lottery draw were just too long-winded and a bit boring. These could use more planning and preparation - and imagination to make them more fun!

I think with scheduling and delays NFC is nowhere near the problems that bigger conventions like EF have. A 15 min delay isn't even a delay yet but a way to get everyone in line ^^' And if there are delays remember that the most important thing to do is to keep the people waiting informed of the situation - and possibly entertained during queuing. There's nothing more social then the banter that occurs in furry convention queues ^^'/

Opening ceremony could be more informative. The "Your first furry con" -panel was excellent. I wish everyone could attend that. It's just good reminder for experienced attendees too. Security should also have a chance to speak and make it clear to everyone what they are there to do - and NOT to do - since this seems not to be obvious to everyone >:3

More posters involving Mousie! The one that had Mousie sad when the naughty fox took all the dinner was very emotionally powerful and similar 'propaganda' posters could be made of various important subjects: reminding to taking showers, being considerate to fursuiters, using the elevators right, drinking moderately etc. Anything that makes Mousie either sad or happy ^^'

The Sauna

There are a number of improvement I would make to the Sauna just to generally improve it for the hotel.
- Temperature control: the stove has a thermostat for a purpose. Its location should be tested and adjusted so that the temperature stays around +75-85 C. During the con the sauna was well over +100 C which is way too hot and even the wooden surfaces become dangerously hot.
- There should be more ventilation for the whole Sauna and pool section and especially the changing room. The heat and steam from the sauna heats up the changing room and makes it impossible to keep your clothes dry or cool off properly after the sauna. This will require structural changes. Building better ventilation for the changing room.
- There should be a cooling area. One possibility is the balcony of the emergency exit to the staircase. This was at times locked but it was the only place one could actually cool off and dry oneself properly. There were cigarette butts in the balcony so someone had been smoking there (possibly the hotel staff?). Such behavior is particularly disgusting next to the sauna and pool section and can cause the fire alarms to go off needlessly.
- The floors were dangerously slippery and wet. I suggest plastic rubber mats be places all along the walkways from sauna to the pool. These are pretty standard in public baths and prevents slipping very as well as keep shoes and slippers from getting wet.

~ Tinka @tinkafur on twitter and telegram

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#2 Posted : Tuesday, March 21, 2017 7:35:21 PM(UTC)

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Overall this is a great feedback, I agree a lot of things on this one, specially with suggestion for plastic rubber mats along the walkways from sauna to the pool.
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#3 Posted : Wednesday, March 22, 2017 7:29:19 AM(UTC)

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"I think with scheduling and delays NFC is nowhere near the problems that bigger conventions like EF have. A 15 min delay isn't even a delay yet but a way to get everyone in line ^^' And if there are delays remember that the most important thing to do is to keep the people waiting informed of the situation - and possibly entertained during queuing. There's nothing more social then the banter that occurs in furry convention queues ^^'/"


I would not mind waiting if I am informed about where and when the event will start and is a bit entertained in the meantime. More information keeps everyone happy.
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#4 Posted : Sunday, March 26, 2017 10:53:29 PM(UTC)

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Just a small note: The restaurants outside the hotel were all informed, however it is up to them whether they act accordingly ;) Hopefully they will have learned next year.
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