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We have a lot of fun events planned for this year, some of which require assistance from our attendees. What would the International Snack Exchange be like with no snacks, the Furry Music Café with no musicians, or Strut Your Stuff without an abundance of sass and swag?

Read below about some of the fun you can expect at NordicFuzzCon 2018, and how you can help make some of these events successful.


We are again hosting a COSTUME CONTEST – no holds barred and not limited to fursuiters. Any kind of costume or prop is welcome to be entered! If you've got a soundtrack that goes swimmingly with the design you're exhibiting, please let us know when you sign up (though we can provide music for you in a pinch). In true Mr/Miss/Other Fluffball Universe tradition, you will also need to answer a few questions on how to save the world using only dental floss (and similarly silly topics). Why not sweep down the catwalk and make those jaws drop?

You can sign up by sending an e-mail to: verdonia@nordicfuzzcon.org.

You can also sign up at the convention, but pre-registration is much preferred.


As we have done the two previous conventions, we will also this year hold an open house on March 2nd (Friday), starting with the Fursuit Parade and ending with the Charity Concert (roughly 13:00 - 18:30). Non-attendees (including families with children) will get to see the bottom floor of the venue, and will have the chance to visit the Maid Café, the Fursuit Zoo, the Bouncy Castle Frenzy, to meet our charity, and to learn more about the furry community. They will also be welcome to attend the Charity Concert event at the main stage.

The upper event floors, the bar area and the lounges will still be solely for registered convention attendees.

Read more about the Open House event here: https://www.nordicfuzzcon.org/Program/OpenHouse


Do you like to bounce? Maybe even in fursuit? Well this is the chance of a lifetime!

For one day at NordicFuzzCon, you will be able to enjoy a wide range of bouncy castles, from the more traditional designs to a 35+ meter obstacle course. In conjunction with the bouncy castles there will be a mini fursuit lounge and video gaming. We will have between 7 and 10 castles on the Friday (March 2nd), and they will be available all day, from morning until night-time.

Tickets can be bought on location or can be added to your registration by e-mailing registration@nordicfuzzcon.org.

Non-attendees during the open house will also be able to buy tickets and enjoy some bouncy fun.


If you have a fursuit and wish to participate in the Gotta Catch ‘em All fursuit game, then you can go to your fursuit badge page and toggle the on status.


If you have a fursuit and want to participate, then you have to upload a fursuit badge! Note that everyone can capture participating fursuiters on location; there’s no need to sign up anywhere to compete.


Have you been in the fandom since forever? Do you have problems with staying hip and cool? Do you feel like there are a thousand new faces and you don’t recognize them all? Then maybe it is time for you to pass on your wisdom and experience to greener pups. We need some old, grizzled furs that feel like introducing themselves, the fandom, and the “good old days” in a speed-dating scenario. We will divide and seat the main attractions – you – at tables, and then have people sit down and just talk.

Let us know ahead of time if you wish to participate by sending an e-mail to events@nordicfuzzcon.org or just show up right after breakfast, at 11:00 on Thursday (March 1st), next to the bar “Pulqueria”, and we will see how many people we can pair up.


Love dancing? Want to shake those paws 'til they're burning hot? Then sign up for the dance competition Paws on Fire and Ice! Woo the crowd and the judges with your sweet, sweet moves.

Not a fursuiter? Don't worry, it's open for everyone!

Sign up here: https://docs.google.com/...Wqrx1XWAPfHFaXQ/viewform


Hidden in the wilderness of the nordic jungle, there is a secret garden. There, you can enjoy some drinks and snacks in peace, and meet the gods of this year: Aliah (Northern Light) and Kazul G. Fox (Guest of Honour).

The garden is a true paradise full of pleasures and surprises. But, there is a catch! To reach the hidden passage to this secret garden, you need a Mayan gold coin.

You can obtain a Mayan gold coin at the Charity Booth for 100 SEK. But remember to be quick! Because there are only 40 Mayan gold coins in total!

The secret passage to the garden is only visible on Thursday (March 1st) and Friday (March 2nd) from 12:00 to 13:00.


Come play and sing at the Furry Music Café, the event where live music, beverages and tasty treats come together in a nice, relaxed atmosphere.

If you play an instrument or sing, we would like you to join us and help entertaining the café visitors. We are furries and musicians, ranging from absolute beginners to the very experienced. We love making music and sharing it with others!

If you would like to participate or know more, join the Furry Music Café group on Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/CBH2-As0y2kUP1BK_Q7bhQ


Do you believe in magic? Nothing is like the feeling of real magic, and we are bringing it to NordicFuzzCon!

So come one, come all to see our fantastic magician Crillex perform his magic on stage! You will not believe your eyes! Not only will you see a wonderful show, but you will see it performed while he is in fursuit!

Come and be amazed on Thursday (March 1st) from 14:30 to 15:30. Tickets will be sold in the lottery booth for 50 SEK.

PS. We promise we won't ruin the magic.


Deep in the South African jungle you'll find the legendary Temple of Temptations... A colourful café known for its gorgeously fluffy servers. To prepare for a stream of new guests this year, we are now seeking new servers! Join us in serving our fine guests while collecting tips for charity! Sign up today! https://goo.gl/forms/fSp9QDQh28TRi5HA3

You can sign up by sending an e-mail to: events@nordicfuzzcon.org.


If you are travelling to NordicFuzzCon by car and have space left for a small to medium CRT SDTV or a medium to large HDTV on the rear seats or in the trunk, then the Arcade Room would gladly borrow your monitor. Send an e-mail to gaming@nordicfuzzcon.org for more details.


Do you DJ? Would you like to be up on stage late at night making other furs bounce around to your beats? Then you may be in luck! We’re calling for any interested DJ furs that will be coming to NFC to e-mail us, giving us a brief overview of who you are, what kind of music you would like to play, what kind of experience you have, and a link to a sample of your work that we can listen to.

Please send your application to: dj@nordicfuzzcon.org.


Do you like trying out and sharing exotic new flavours? Then come to the snack exchange! This event is tried and true and has become a staple at many conventions.

At this event, attendees can socialize and share snacks and drinks that are unique to their country, region or culture. Tables will be available for showcasing your local goodies, so why not sit down and introduce your fellow con-goers to things they might have never had a chance to try? Go and see the other tables, and learn a thing or two about what hidden treats your next-door neighbours have in store!

To check out the snack exchange, it's not obligatory to bring snacks of your own, but we strongly encourage you to do so. (There is a well stocked candy store right across the street of the venue, and there is a nice mall next to second hotel.)

Bring bold flavours, acquired tastes (but please, no surströmming), sweet sweets, sour sours, and anything you can think of to show the uniqueness of where you come from.

Tables are available for presenting your snacks country-by-country, so if many people from the same country want to bring snacks, please share the space fairly.


If you’re already a Nerf gun enthusiast, then be sure to bring your own Nerf guns, darts, clips, and other cool (and safe) accessories that might be useful, and join in on this fun event. While we do have a few guns to lend out, we most likely won’t have enough for everyone wishing to participate, so the more who bring their own Nerf guns, the better!

Please note: Nerf guns may only be used during this Nerf gun event, or as props when peace bound by a member of the security team.


The popular event returns again! And we are looking for performers. If you have a talent – anything from dancing, singing or playing an instrument, to telling jokes or juggling – then we need you! We welcome all talents at all levels. If you want to share your talents with others, please sign up by sending an e-mail to verdonia@nordicfuzzcon.org.

You can also sign up at the convention, but pre-registration is much preferred.


In addition to the "on site" competition, there is a pre-convention photo competition! It’s open to all attendees and we are looking for photographs to go with the convention theme.

There will be a panel of photographers to judge the submissions based on artistic and technical criteria. The panel's favourite submissions will be printed and displayed in the art show where we will have our final judging round. The winners will receive trophies during the closing ceremony.

Deadline for submission is January 21st, 2018.

Please read the full rules for the competition here: https://forum.nordicfuzz.../t2128-Photo-Competition


Have any fun and interesting board games? Then bring them along! We love board games at NordicFuzzCon. During the convention, we will have at least two different board game tournaments, and our tabletop gaming rooms will be open and available for those who want to meet up with like-minded furs for a casual (or not so casual) game of whatever’s available. Who needs electricity to have fun!

Please send an e-mail to gaming@nordicfuzzcon.org if you plan on bringing games to the tabletop gaming room so we can coordinate, or if you are interested in holding play sessions.


Want to take part in some pen and paper roleplaying? We will be hosting a Dungeons & Dragons tournament! You will explore an ancient and deadly tomb of the gods, trying to escape its deadly traps and strange inhabitants.

Newbies to RPGs are welcome and we will help you understand the game. Groups will be scored based on how well you tackle the dungeon, but the main idea is to have fun and have a great game!

Join the telegram group here: https://t.me/joinchat/BxBAmREf1ML0r8f_1Uo_AA

Sign up for the game and select a play slot here: https://goo.gl/forms/8666s9rMs8da1yoL2


Lurking inside the jungle, hidden away from the gaze of mortal eyes, hushed whispers and rumours lead you on a quest for adventure. They weave stories of vast treasures, ancient gods and mysterious cults dedicated to their name.

Welcome, dear traveller, on the Road to Xibalba! Can you make it through the temple’s trials alive, or will your soul be forever damned to servitude? Will you be lured by the temptation of riches, or will you simply walk away to tell the tale?

The Haunted House is open for another year of frights and fun, but it still needs your help!

Do you have the skill to give someone the fright of their lives? Then come and join in as an actor! Monster costumes and themed fursuits are a bonus, but we can outfit you as well.

If you have time to spare, come and lend a hand with the set-up and tear down. If you help with set-up, you can get a slot once the haunt is up. If you help with the tear down, you can get a slot before the haunt ends. And, if you don’t want a slot, then why not give it to a friend!

Please direct your enquiries to CrowFangs at events@nordicfuzzcon.org.


Interested in the Ghost Walk on the Early arrival day but missed out on tickets ? No worries! Send an e-mail to registration@nordicfuzzcon.org and let us know that you would like to join. Tickets are 300 SEK.

Read about the Ghost Walk here: https://www.nordicfuzzcon.org/Program/GhostWalk


Want to get to know some the attendees before coming to the convention? Why not join the NordicFuzzCon Telegram chat! You can join the chat using the following link: https://t.me/joinchat/BHKAPT0lubhPHT7_WIQTzg

You can find links to additional NFC-related Telegram groups here: https://forum.nordicfuzz...cFuzzCon-Telegram-groups

You can also see a list of the attendees who have signed up here: https://www.nordicfuzzco...egistration/AttendeeList


Stay up to date on the latest NordicFuzzCon news! Follow us on the following social media platforms.

Telegram: https://telegram.me/NordicFuzzCon
Twitter: https://twitter.com/nordicfuzzcon
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NordicFuzzCon
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