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#1 Posted : Tuesday, March 6, 2018 10:38:25 PM(UTC)

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First off I would like to thank the staff, the hotel and volunteers for hosting us once again. This con was by far one of the best cons I've had and I've been actively going to cons for 10 years. I've been attending NFC 3 times now and the con still give me that nice special con atmosphere feeling I only find at NFC. But, with that being said there are a few things I would like to mention.

The good:

- Hotel staff was helpful and friendly. I was cold and asked for an extra blanket and I even got a little electric heater for my room too.
- Cleaning of my room was satisfying
- Con spirit intact and one of the main reasons I go to NFC.
- Decorations was super awesome this year, big applause to the decoration team!
- Super happy with all the signs pointing you directions across the hotel
- Dealers den was nice (I was dealing myself) so a big thank you to the DD team.

Suggestions for points of improvement:

- I understand delays happen and things get shifted around (thats not the problem for me personally) but what IS a problem is that I feel proper information was not given about these changes. As far as I know it was announced on the telegram channel. I kinda missed having some kind of notice board in the lobby or something else more visible so we are not only relying on the telegram channel or the app (which only worked for Android). So I would suggest better advertising about canceled/moved events and where and when the event will take place
- In relation to events, while I think it was cute with the re-naming of the panel rooms it honestly confused me more than it did me good. Besides people kept referring to the actual names instead of the new given names so I don't really know if its useful to have all the rooms called something else.
- There was major confusion regarding the charity donation items. I was donating a pair of sock paws for the charity but I was kept being send back and forth between Con Ops and Art show and no one wanted to take my paws. After running back and forth a few times and calling different people Con Ops finally took them but it really felt like there was some kind of communication gab somewhere there which made it feel like the left hand didn't know what the right hand was doing. Next year I would suggest sorting out this so its clear who and where you can turn in the charity items.

The one thing that really really disappointed me yet again this year:

- Food at the hotel. After last years disaster I was coming with high hopes that the food issue had been resolved. Having attended NFC at the previous location I know how amazing and wonderful food can be at NFC, but since we moved to this hotel food has been more than disappointing to say the least. I ate at the hotel on the early arrival day when me and my friends arrived after a 10 hour drive. We had the pasta buffet and I'm sorry to say but licking wet paint of a wall would have been more tasty than this. The pasta was bland, it had no spices and the vegetarian pasta was just pasta with a little bit of tomato sauce. No vegetables no nothing. After that I simply decided that it was not worth my money to eat at the hotel anymore and I ate outside the hotel for the rest of the week.

The breakfast is okay (although they dont know how to boil and egg), the food you could buy in the lobby was good too. But the quality of the food served at the restaurant has been more than disappointing and it honestly breaks my little foodie heart every time I see and taste what they serve because I believe they can do so much better (or they seriously need a new chef!). I dont know if this is a thing that can be solved (I'm starting to guess not since 2 years in a row the food is a disaster) so next year I'll just skip eating at the hotel. I would gladly eat there if they served something tasty and inviting but until the standards are upped by miles I'm taking my money elsewhere.

I really did have fun though and I'm looking forward to return next year.
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Miles T.F. Baxxter on 3/12/2018(UTC)

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#2 Posted : Thursday, March 8, 2018 4:58:28 PM(UTC)

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After having booked food last year, we didn't eat at the hotel at all except for breakfast. Always Thai, Pizza or Subway for lunch and Max for a midnight snack/dinner.
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