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#1 Posted : Wednesday, March 7, 2018 6:28:43 AM(UTC)

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Thanks for another fun and relaxing NFC - Overall it was a great and fun event.


-I really loved the event "Catitude and Puppilarity" since it gave some awesome insights in how to be a cat. Great one!
-The pasta buffe was way better prised this year. 85 SEK was more in line with what the food quality felt it should be.
-There was some really interesting events this year and the scheduele was fairly well layed out.
-There was some great and friendly fursuiters and I do think the numbers are growing and the diversety increases.
-The staff did some great efforts in trying to run everything smothly and mostly on scheduele.
-The hotel staff was great and friendly. I was let into the hotel and could roam around before I had a chance to complete my registration at con ops. Great work.
-"Once upon an NFC" was a great and fun introduction of the history of NFC. Hope something simular returns for next year.
-I had a story published in the con book! Woho, great feeling there!

-The Stew was generally quite unawere about changes and I had to ask a lot of people about what where happening and not. It took severel atempts to find out that a cancelled event was so and it was one of the events that was cancelled due to GOH accident - So its cancellation should be knowed by everyone. Make sure all the red bandages staff are well informed about any scheduel changes next year please!
-The information given by the Con Ops upon my check in on Thursday was very vaque and I had 3 or 4 different calls on such a basic information about when Check in was aviable that day. You guys really need to be on the same page with such basic information.
-The tv screen timetable (whom I liked last year) froze on thursdays scheduele for all of the con.
-While the buffet was better priced this year its still lacks some more options to be called a thrue buffé by my taste. The food was generally good but I would have enjoyed more options from it - And its specialy thrue with the traditional "Taco buffé" whom I felt disapointed with choose with. This hotel need to learn from "Utsikten" food wise.
-While the "Maid Café" was neat and friendly with good food I still felt a bit let down cause I had high expectations and didnt felt it was anything "special". I dont know if my expectations where of but I kinda expected more from the staff on this event other than I could expect from any other café out there. I do not know if its fit the Japaneese theme better than other themes or if I had bad luck - But you might want to reconsider this theme for next year?
-The "Drinkgate" scandal when you first choice was a totaly unaprophiate and very adult themed name and youre second choice where not much better was really over the top. We furries have a reputation for being "overly adult interested" and we have worked so hard to modify this missconfusion over the years and you have done great in inviting others to our open house day. So this sort of thing is really what we as a group does not need when striving to become more "family friendly" as a fandom. And its also a thing that is easy avoidable by googling selected names and think twice if they give the correct view of whom we strive to be. I do not know who selected the first name as a winner, but those really need to get theyre mindset on name selection together. Afterall almost everyone I talked about regarding the first name selected skyjumped over it, so it was nothing less than a terrible choice. Please do better next year if you should have drink names contest at all.

Overall a great con and thanks for the amazing work the Stew puts in to make everything runing so smothly!

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