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Offline Daisy Bell  
#1 Posted : Sunday, January 19, 2014 4:21:57 AM(UTC)
Daisy Bell

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I just discovered a mail in my inbox informing me that I hadn't finished my payments for the convent, and that my registration was a few days away from termination. This made me both confused and a bit nervous, as I was really certain I had made a successful payment of the full sum two months ago. Apparently I was missing 75 SEK, which I transferred immediately, but I still didn't know where this small sum came from.

So I peeked around my earlier mails, and discovered that I had completely missed it in my initial payment. Opening the document greets me with this;


Looks very straightforward. Everything is listed neatly, so the total sum seems totally clear.

Scrolling down I find the payment information in the bottom left. Which I followed without hassle.


Now, this REALLY is my fault for being more or less blind and not noticing the obvious total sum there in the bottom right, and I really am puzzled how I could've missed it, seeing as I'm usually very thorough with payments and other things which involve money.
Yet, somehow, this went right above my head. I suppose it's because there was an additional cost which wasn't listed above, so I just assumed the only listed sum was my total sum.

I admit this was completely my fault, and it shouldn't have been an issue, and in the end it didn't become one, but it was quite close to it.

After my payment I receive this mail.


Now, remember, in my mind my payment was complete, so in that regard this really looks like a straightforward confirmation that it indeed is complete.
This would've been an ideal opportunity to add a line about it being 730 SEK out of 805, or that I was missing 75 SEK of my payment. Just helpful little information that would've alerted me right there and then, but no such information was present.

So fastforward a month and this arrives in my inbox.


And in hindsight, this is obviously a reminder that I hadn't finished my full payment, but seeing it from the perspective that I HAD finished, it really looks like an automated massmail acting as a general reminder. I think the main problem here is how there's nothing really addressing me, or my payment, or anything.

Comparing this to every other mail I've received it stands out as being the only one that addresses the recipient in a very universal manner.


So what was supposed to be a reminder for me to finish my payment was quickly dismissed as something that wasn't aimed towards me.

Fastforward to the present, where I suddenly receive a super clear message about my payment not being fullfilled, when it was due, and what the missing sum was.


If anything, this REALLY should've been put forward like this in the first reminder. Ideally, I would've been informed even earlier. As it is, I feel really lucky that I got this information at the last minute, and that I could finish my payment in time, but it was way too close.

Now, again, this is mostly my fault for missing vital information and misunderstanding subsequent reminders, but I don't think it would hurt to restructure this a bit until next year, so this can't happen again.

My suggestions:
- Put the handling fee in the payment list with the ticket, this makes it much clearer that the ticket isn't the only thing you pay for.
- Perhaps move the payment information to the right, below the total sum? Would make it even easier to spot.
- Provide additional information about your payment in the confirmation mail. Like the total sum and what's missing from it.
- Be WAY clearer with the first reminder. This should've been like the first reminder which was super clear in comparison.

Offline NewEinstein  
#2 Posted : Wednesday, January 22, 2014 10:27:14 AM(UTC)

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Hi Daisy Bell,

it is a typical layout for invoices to have the total amount in the bottom right corner. In the end the fee is not an article you "buy" from us but it is added to the total sum so that is also why it shows up at the end.

We will look into changing the automated info about received payments to show outstanding dues for next year ... I think that is a good suggestion.

And as we can see ... all our reminders (which are only sent to those with open invoices btw) have worked in the end ;-)

Thanks for your suggestions

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Offline staghorne  
#3 Posted : Wednesday, February 5, 2014 12:59:51 PM(UTC)

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For the invoice, I personally think it would be clearer if the payment fee was listed as a post below the NFC attendance fee, hotel costs and the other posts in the upper field. After all, the payment fee is a cost like any other. The bolded section on the bottom would then be reserved for the total sum to pay only, or maybe net/gross total before/after tax.

Also, maybe the total and the other information on the bottom would be more discoverable if the large white field in the centre did not have a fixed vertical size, but adjusted its length to fit the content? That would place the bolded amount closer to the individual costs in the list.

EDIT: I now see that my suggestions basically are the same as the two first two items in the list at the bottom of the original post. In other words, consider this an independent +1 for those two suggestions. ^^

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