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Offline ziggy_wolf  
#1 Posted : Tuesday, March 4, 2014 1:56:37 PM(UTC)

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First off auuu my yiffing head still hurts. At least the Trax-crud isn't as bad as the usual con-crud.

I really loved this years theme and was pleased to finnaly get a chanse to steampunk again. The murder mystery was a great addition.

A humongus shoutout to the staff and hotell staff. You guys were brilliant. It was uber cool of the staff to become honorary furries and the cocktails were even better than last year. Thank you Tarquil at security for saving me from a creepy creep.
And the rest of you for looking out for us, but still let us be drunken morons.

As has become a tradition, Frenzees drawing panel was one of the highlights of the con. Though not as good as last year, but I still laughed so hard I nearly spilled my drink.
In short I wanted to see him draw more before the pictuonary, and less talk more action.

Thank you Sayh for hosting the furry philosophy panel it was one of the best panels ever. But lasted way to short. It could easily have been a main event up on the main stage at krystura parrazu.

Thank you for bringing Mr Talbot to the con he was really cool. Not often you get to share a drink and stories with the GOH. His panels were brilliant and inspiering. So next year I'm making a fairytale themed comic to sell at the den.

A big shout out to Pinky and every one who made the Dealers den posdible. The table cloths were a nice addotion. Thank you all who bought my porn, err I mean art.
The extended opening hours was perfect.

The charity concert was absolutely breath taking and Chama (did I spell that right) made me cry like a bitch yet again.

A big thanks to Miles and everyone who made the con book and including my art.

The is this your first furry con panel was really nice.

The fureokie was loads of fun.

The music was a lot better this year!
Needs more Korpiklaani though.

Last, but not least a big thanks to every one who attended the drawing for noobs and WTF?! Film panel. It would not have been possible with out you. A big thanks to conops for setting up my panels.

Now some critique.

Extend the con by one day please!
So much to do, to little time.

I really miss having a discussion panel and somthing like the pawpet show up on the main stage. How a bout a talkshow hosted by a fursuiter, like the late night show and intereeiv the GOH?

The monotors were not showing the twitter feed, as last year.

The drawing area was better last year. The chairs were uncomfertsble, but the location was better so I guess it's ok.

Can I please have the recepie
To the Special cock tail, it was sooo good.

Play some lounge music in the lounge area please.

What happened to the what does the fox say video thing?

And lastly, sorry for those of you who are still traumatized by all the onscene drunken furry art I drew.

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Offline solvithor  
#2 Posted : Tuesday, March 4, 2014 3:30:31 PM(UTC)

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Totally agree with the hotel staff, they were awesome!

And yeah the music in the lobby was... special...Glare
Offline ratwolf  
#3 Posted : Wednesday, March 5, 2014 5:32:06 AM(UTC)

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Well the music was rigged to a voting system,so everyone could get there music in the lobby.And according to most people,we in this fandom are "special" so the taste in music is probably going to be "special" hehe or people could have just been drunk troling
Offline Sayh  
#4 Posted : Wednesday, March 5, 2014 9:38:31 PM(UTC)

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"Thank you Sayh for hosting the furry philosophy panel it was one of the best panels ever. But lasted way to short. It could easily have been a main event up on the main stage at krystura parrazu."

A couple of my friends had promised they would come. I was glad, because I thought that way, at least I will not be all alone for the panel.

I was taken by surprise by just how many people showed up, I had never expected more than 2-3.

The panel ended up being so good because so many came, and so many had so much on their heart.

Thanks for coming, you added a lot to the panel!

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