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#1 Posted : Tuesday, March 3, 2015 2:43:21 PM(UTC)

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This was just STUNNING! I must say that of all 3 cons I've been to so far I enjoyed this one the most. Because it's small and damn well-organized in so many affairs. Dinner, hand sanitizers, art supplies, WiFi - it was all great! There were minor issues, but I can barely remember any right now. Many events didn't start on time, but, I guess, it's just a furry thing XD.

There was one thing that I found a bit disturbing, many may disagree with me on that. There were NSFW works at the art show, and there was no sign like "NSFW works beyond this point. Don't go there unless you want to see something you would probably not want to see". There was a separate section with a warning for NSFW works at RusFurence's art show. Additionally, at the auction here the general and NSFW works went all mixed, not separated. At RusFurence, once they completed selling general stuff, they said: "We are about to move on to NSFW works, so if you have a sensitive psyche, then we suggest you to leave the Grand Hall for now". I would prefer to see works separated, but that's my personal preference.

I cannot say anything about fursuit-related stuff, since I'm not a suiter. And I missed fursuit parade, so I cannot critique it either. But the fursuit zoo was pretty fun.

I really liked people's attitude. I could talk with the crew, organizers, chairmen without any problems, and they were extremely friendly, no arrogance at all. On the first day when the artists' lounge was open, I drew a sign "Artists' lounge" and put it outside for everyone to see. The next day the lounge was repurposed into a panel room and they put my sign down. I was hoping that they hadn't thrown it away. In the evening I went by the Artists' Lounge and saw my drawing outside of it... IN A FRAME!!! Even though it was made untidily of cardboard and duct tape, but... but... someone has taken their time to put that piece of crap I'd drawn into a frame!!! I fell over of excitement! Thank you so much!

So yeah, it was a mindblowingly awesome con! And I'm definitely coming next year! >8D
So see you at NFC2016!


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