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Offline belisinum  
#1 Posted : Tuesday, March 3, 2015 11:59:23 PM(UTC)

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Heya just have a little kind of feeback that i'd like to bring up.
It regards the dress code of the convention has compared to what I saw during the con.

I bring this up mostly so that everyone can have a better understanding of what is allowed or not, you have pretty wide rules in your policy and terms on the site, but still I saw people going around with leather harnesses and one with a leash and collar in the lobby as if it was ok. I even told one of that it wasn't ok having a leash but saw the same person walking around with leash after that.
I maybe should have gone to Conops with this but it didn't personaly didn't bother me - but it did make me think that it might be best to actually put up a more detailed list of things that are not ok; like leather gear, leashes, cuffs and so on.
I also know that if there is a confusion one can also just ask staff or security about whats acceptable or not. A list of things could help people get a reference of things that are ok and not ok.
At one point I was suited outside and someone put a leash on me, and while I think thats ok since it's not /IN/ the hotel one of the staff members (will not say who) tried to take me in to the hotel in leash to the dealers den as a joke to put me up for auction.
While i thought the idea was fun I refused to go inside because of the policy but the staff member said, "It's ok, I'll grant you to go inside".
And while this was a joke I think it has to be clear that the rules set in the policy have to be followed by everyone as I also saw another staff member (will also not say who) go in the lobby in just underarmour while yes he is covered all over his body I don't really see that as appropriate clothing in the lobby area.

Offline Gero  
#2 Posted : Wednesday, March 4, 2015 7:57:32 AM(UTC)

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For collars and leather and gear like harnesses and cuffs I think the rules are more fluid and I think that the bottom line is what context those items are in. I know many furries including me enjoy having collars as part of theyre lifestyle and or relationship and for me thoose items are perfectly fine. But I do think that the bottom line is when thoose items is worn in a sence that make it to sexual for a general nightclub audience since the guidence say that if its okey on a general swedish newspapers frontpage its probebly okay here.

As for me I would enjoy if they soften up the rules of collars, leashes and harnesses even more and alouds it as a part of our lifestyle as long as its not to explict done. I mean as long as the wearer dont mind having a collar, leash or harness I wouldnt object at all as long as its propherly done and not to BDSM influated in style.

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Offline belisinum  
#3 Posted : Wednesday, March 4, 2015 10:49:37 AM(UTC)

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First of, this has nothing to do with the social rules of saying stop Gero and i'd like you not to bring this up in this feedback, as said i personaly didn't care at the time and it made me more just think about the dresscodes of con's and that there might be more set items of not ok things that has to be follow by everyone.

This feedback was also directed to the fact that i experienced somethings at the con and have seen at other cons that might need to be looked into more properly.
I also don't see BDSM-wear as an ok thing to have on in the puplic areas but some suiters are allowed to have more bondage gear if it "fits there custome" that i think makes it unfair for the other ones that think it fits there suit but is denied because of being the wrong spicies and so on.

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Offline Gero  
#4 Posted : Wednesday, March 4, 2015 1:57:15 PM(UTC)

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Thats why I think its a good idea to soften up the rules regarding collars, leashes and harnesses to next year. :)
Offline Rico_Otter  
#5 Posted : Wednesday, March 4, 2015 8:15:12 PM(UTC)

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I will not put much note into this, as long there decent clothsed ( or furrsuited) a little show is fine.
But when it comes to leashes, collars are mostly no go in bublic mostly for the risk of it geting stuck somwhere wile runing down the hall.
Shoking, stumebing, or falling down stairs is not a good fun, at lest I whuld think so.
and I think thats the reason leashes was a no go.
My personal looking on things is collar is fine, leashes not relly public cause of the risk of accidents.
Offline clover  
#6 Posted : Thursday, March 5, 2015 12:54:12 AM(UTC)

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Hey Belis,

Thanks for bringing this up. This is an excellent opportunity for me to chime in and give a reminder about NFC dress code.

- The harnesses and/or collars worn by fursuiters are considered ok
- Collars worn by attendees out of fursuit are also ok

- All other BDSM equipment like leashes, bondage cuffs, restraints, gag-balls and whatnot are not ok

This being said, we trust our attendees good judgment in following our policies. In case of doubt about wearing a certain item, you are more than welcome to inquire at security@nordicfuzzcon.org

Security can't be everywhere and if you spot some questionable outfit at the convention, by all means approach someone from the security team and ask them to call me.

Best regards

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