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#1 Posted : Wednesday, March 4, 2015 5:02:02 PM(UTC)

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I was supposed to go last year as attendee but had to cancle it in the last minute due to sickness.
We planned a new trip for 2015, and at the same time I got asked if I could host the fursuit games.

Both me and my GF truelly enjoyed NFC. Not only due to how it was organized, but also due to the people attending it.
I've been yearly attending EF since 2010. I don't think NFC is lesser or better than it.
It has it's own personal charm that makes me want to experience NFC for years to come.

*Room for improvement*
- Cold rooms. I blame myself partly for this. Should have asked the hotel staff to check the oven on my room.
And I think it's more about personal taste, as I saw a lot opting for t-shirts. Me? I could never wear anything less that a warm sweater.
- The mobile version of NFC webpage. How do I login there? While I queue I needed to double check som registrations, but just couldn't find it in the dropdown list.
- I felt there were too many delays in the main stage events. Would like to see more events start on time next year.
- The fursuit games. While I think the number of games were alright, I feel I rushed too much through each of them. Mostly as I thought I had less time that I did.
Hoping to give each activity more time and speak slower. Also want to ensure I don't recycle too much activities, and replace as much as possible with new things.
Also thinking of how I can better handled signup next year.

*The great things*
- The hotel had a pool table! I only managed one round, as I prefered playing when the bar area wasn't too noisy.
- Super thanks to the people lending their stuff to the Arcade, and to those handling it. I LOVED IT!
- The food. Both breakfasts and dinners. I think the menu was perfect, and don't regret prebooking meal tickets.
- Everybody attending it. I'm normally not a sosial guy, but I lost count of how many different people I talked to during the con.
- CAPEH! Sorry, I just have to say it. This dude saved me twice during NFC. *Big hug*
Helping me acquiring stuff for the fursuit games, and reorganizing the entire mainstage (chairs, stage and fursuit backstage) due to a minor mixup.
- The fursuit team. Before NFC I was in frequent contact with them, and they answered questions and gave me useful feedback for the fursuit games.
During the con I ended up talking with them more, and tried to help a bit were needed.
In the end I liked them so much, that I want to part of their team next year. Help with lounge and anything else they might need me for.

*Random thought*
The hotel is very close to a kindergarden. I was actually surprised that we weren't invaded by them.
How would pratical/possible/impractical/impossible would it be if we set of a timeslot at an emptied mainstage where they could "come and visit all the animals"?

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#2 Posted : Wednesday, March 4, 2015 8:12:35 PM(UTC)

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as fun it would be to entertain kids, you have to rember the con is set to 18 years or up becorse swedish laws and sutch.
you cant always keep track of where kidds go, and you would need every parrents aproval before any show would be given.

would they also need to pay the atendeend fee to the con or is it free for them and there parrents?
With said im sure small shows outdoors with fursuits ( with proper fursuit handelers) may be work able.
peraps find a spot or two for that, depending on weather situations.
There is always options depending on time and other stuff. just a fhew thouts of mine..
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#3 Posted : Thursday, March 5, 2015 9:15:03 AM(UTC)

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While its perfectly alright for kids to see and follow events outside the hotel such as parade and group photo I totaly agree that inviting them into con hotel would be a no go given all the above things. And if them kids at the kindergarten found out that there is tons of maskot animals next to them we could easily have problems with tons of them harrasing us at unaprophiate times. So meet and great with kids are good for outings and simular events but I necesserly dont think an major con like NFC are the best place to meet them. But if people want to do an mini outing on theyre own to sad kindergarten its another story. :)
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