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#1 Posted : Monday, March 7, 2016 11:47:40 PM(UTC)

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Well, may as well do this now when it's fresh in my memory!

This was one of the best-run cons I've ever attended - there was a tremendous variety of stuff available (including things I've never seen anywhere else, even at larger cons), everything was of very high quality (from the super-beautiful website all the way up to the management of the last day's events), and everything ran quite smoothly. The dedication of everyone involved was very apparent - huge thanks to all of the staff/crew!

Of course I had a few suggestions for next time!

* Pre-payment via Payson or bank transfer is difficult for international visitors (who will likely represent an ever-increasing fraction of the population as the con's worldwide reputation grows) - it would be nice to implement a credit card or other more universal system if possible.

* There might be a valid security/organizational reason for not having this, but it would be awesome if the fursuit badge was *also* magnetically coded to get back into the hotel room! It was cool as a souvenir, but it would be more functional if I didn't have to remember to wear that *and* my regular badge when out suiting.

* The blip RFID system was pretty cool - I've never seen this anywhere else, and although when I first heard about it I figured it would be a technological disaster in the making, it appeared to actually work! (Though I wish it didn't take ~4 seconds to register...)

* The fursuit lounge was ridiculously amazing. The full-body mega-fan was incredibly effective and made fursuiting so much easier - drying off was (literally) a breeze! The headracks were also amazing and way more sanitary than the setups you see at most cons. And it was super-useful to have alcohol spray available there. I had two very minor suggestions:
- It would be nice to put a sign up reminding people that the blower head storage is not a long term thing. Typically I would see ~5-10 people in the fursuit lounge but 20-30 fursuit heads on the shelves (suggesting that some people were just leaving heads on there for hours), and once and a while there wasn't space for my fursuit head. It wasn't a huge issue so draconian measures aren't needed, but a little reminder sign would go a long ways.
- It would be nice to have earplugs available in the fursuit lounge. It was great that they were available outside the dance but this is not so useful for suiters (or at least, for suiters who don't plan ahead carefully)!

* I enjoyed going to "Eat Sweden" a lot, although I think I was expecting more actual food (instead of it being mostly a presentation with just a few samplers). Maybe this is OK but at least I'd suggest that the description make it somewhat more clear how much food vs. presentation to expect.

* The "Scandinavian Favorites" dinner was likely to be the one of most interest to international visitors interested in sampling some local flavor, but it was held on Sunday night when many of them would have had to leave to go back home. It might be a good idea to move this to one of the main nights (Thurs/Fri/Sat).

* I went to the dance on Friday and Saturday nights both. I found the music on Friday to be a bit of a mixed bag - some good stuff but also a lot of long sections with no beat to dance to, and some of the remixes had long repetitive sections. I had no problems with Saturday's music.

* I fursuited in the Fursuit Charades. It was a lot of fun and it was kept moving very efficiently! However, it would have been nice if it started on time (the signup cutoff should have been made more obvious so the prep/orientation didn't cut into the event time) and if it lasted a bit longer. We were also probably at about the maximum for number of fursuiters it can handle (there will likely need to be a cap in the future), since I only got to go up three times aside from the finale (and one of these was a "practice" round and two were in groups of three).

* The Fursuit Games were oddly scheduled for what I would think is a fairly popular event - it conflicted with numerous other events (GOH panel, Storyteller's Circle, Eat Sweden since it ran a bit late, and the closing of the art show). At least one of these probably could have been pushed to a morning or late-night slot.

* It was a super awesome idea to set up a live link to VancouFur, which really helped spread the international furry togetherness! If things overlap like this again next year it would be awesome to do it again, but perhaps with a higher-quality link since the existing one would sometimes get pretty blurry/slow.

Thanks again, I had a great time!

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#2 Posted : Tuesday, March 8, 2016 11:05:17 PM(UTC)

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With fursuit lounge - there was over 200 suits and drier just for 40 bodys and 25 heads. There need usual place for remove body after dry from dryer. And more storage for heads.
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