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#1 Posted : Wednesday, March 9, 2016 8:29:22 PM(UTC)

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Very shortly: Awesome convention :)

Fuzz Bus worked nicely, no hassle with train timetables or anything. Late departure day bus was at airport even earlier than scheduled, excellent! Unless it is super easy to get to new venue next year, I hope Fuzz Bus is there again. I didn't get the Fuzz Bus stamp to my ticket though (life ruined)

It feels that early arrival have become normal arrival day so super early arrival was much appreciated. I'll take it next year too if available.

Hotel(s) were full and I wasn't big fan of this hotel last year either. Long corridors, no single big clear place where to hang. But clearly this is going to change next year :)

Nerf gun war was kinda fun but I was also hoping to see "fursuiters only" nerf gun war. Some cheap plastic safety goggles for those who want would have been great. And what comes to eye and ear safety, during first night of dances there was also free ear plugs available, but I didn't see them after first night. Even though I really should start remember bringing my own...

Plushie panel <3 Fandom needs more plushies! :)

International snack exchange have been my another favorite in many cons. So much things to taste. And people so eagerly tell about things they've brought. Even a bit quieter person like me manage to say few words there :)

Continuing with food, Ice cream buffet! I was so full, I couldn't even fly for a moment. A little bit crowd though. Since scooping actual ice cream seemed to take most of the time, maybe it would have helped if table that now had everything, would have had just more big bowls of ice cream, and then all the candies and marshmallows and sauces would have been in few separated tables in the actual dining area.

Life feed to VancouFur was great idea. I and clearly many others spent many funny moments with that feed, even making new friends. At one point Canada started threatening though.

Watching Zootopia with theather full of furries was really an experience to remember. Thanks for arranging that!

The Blip system. Generally I liked the idea that everything was in your conbadge, dinners, ice-cream buffets etc. It was just a little bit slow.

Loved the idea of achievements. When I read about these from conbook, I was already arranging improved teamwork and finding neighbour in my mind. Too bad the system wasn't up and running until last days and some achievements apparently never came available. But when you get this working, I really like this! (Says game programmer :D) Getting achievements made blip system even slower though. Apparently you had to wait for box to tell achievements you got before next person could blip. If possible, box could start reading next card immediately after previous card blips and in case someone else then shows card to the box, box could just cancel any remaining "achievement xxx unlocked" speeches. Achievements still would get registered for first person of course, even if second person comes and blips his card.

The (apparently unofficial) NFC companion app was super handy for checking schedules! Pocket schedule piece of paper you forget to your room, your phone you wont :) I hope to see some schedule app next year too. Even better if it could update schedule from NFC database so that changes/delays would get to phone pocket schedule automatically.

I liked the NordicFuzzCon Live Telegram as channel for getting important announcements. It could have been used more.

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